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What to expect using our services

About Us

The History About How Our Amazing Company Got Started

LPC Staffing successfully applies the best techniques for personnel search, selection of agencies in accordance with customer requirements and assessment. We use both standard channels for searching specialists (database, a network of professional contacts, social professional networks, Internet portals) and non-standard (executive search and head hunting)

What Keeps Us Motivated to Continue Moving Forward

We at LPC Staffing Solutions believe in attaining successful venture on both sides. We also understand that success is important to both our associates and our clients. Being involved is an integral part of that process inside and out. To that end, we believe in complete satisfaction and thrive on not only finding quality candidates……

Our Main Services

Job Placement Options

We provide numerous options and offer plenty of assistance in the Placement Process. No matter the need of your organization, we can find a candidate that will not only meet but exceed expectations for the position. Currently we offer three forms of Placement Options which are; Temporary Placements, Direct Placements and Temp to Permanent Placements

Resume Services

LPC Staffing offers the finest quality, fastest service, and most affordable means to have a custom crafted resume prepared at the local level or through our corporate website. Our professional service has received numerous accolades and garnered significant praise nationally due to the high quality results and relatively low cost for such a valuable service.

More Important Information

What to Expect From Our Candidates

Before any candidate is sent to your organization we make sure that they have undergone a thorough screening. This ensures critical aspects of the hiring process are taken care of before the position is ever posted. Proper planning, intimate knowledge…..

What to Expect From Our Employers

It’s essential that we not only provide the best service to our clients but also show transparency every step of the way.  With LPC Staffing, never worry about the bait and switch again! The process for new comers will be an experience that you won’t forget……..

Ultimate Work Apparel & Accessories

Attention all travel nurses! Are you looking for the perfect combination of style, comfort, and functionality in your medical scrubs? With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect scrub to match your unique personality and taste. Look no further than our premium line of scrubs designed specifically with travel nurse professionals in mind!